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With life racing by so quickly, we all look for meaningful and lasting ways to connect with our families—especially our children and grandchildren. We want them to know how we feel about them, and we want to share all of the memories and thoughts we have about their lives and our relationship with them. But despite our best efforts, words often go unspoken and memories quickly fade away.

Writing “life letters” is a very simple yet powerful way you can capture and preserve those real-life moments and personal sentiments, and ensure they are shared with your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

What are life letters?
Life letters are simply personal letters you write, over an extended period of time, to a special person in your life—often a child or grandchild. But instead of giving the letters to your special person right away, you mail them to our secured storage facility where they will be safely stored in your designated storage container. Eventually, as authorized by you, your letters will be delivered to your special person together as a collection, providing them a truly unexpected and priceless gift.

As your special person reads your collection of letters, your voice will be in their ears, recounting special moments and everyday happenings with sentiment and detail difficult to recreate by recalling a memory or looking at a photo. They will not only feel the love you convey through each letter, but also gain priceless insight into their past and into your relationship.

It doesn’t take much time at all to strengthen your family bond and build your family legacy through life letters. If you write just one letter a month, you will have written 60 letters in just five years! Imagine receiving so many heartfelt letters from your parent or grandparent, chronicling your life and your relationship with them—is there anything you would treasure more?

Get started now and create the most cherished gift you’ll ever give.

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